Illumi facial

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Also called “Next Generation Photo facial.’”

It is a treatment using combination of selected fruit acids and light

Why use our tri fruit acid peel before IPL?

The dead skin surface has pockets of air trapped in between it. This reflects light and decreases IPL penetration. The peel removes the dead cells and pockets of air, resurfaces the skin texture ,decongest pores and thus priming the skin for next step of Illumi facial -the IPL.
Our IPL then treats the redness, age spots, freckles, uneven skin tone and texture, roseacea, pigmentation caused by sun and aging, fine lines, wrinkles, enlarged pores, and generalised aging of skin and sun damage. It also treats mild to. moderate acne and acne scarring (not hyperpigmented scars).

The skin is then cooled with smoothing lotion and stem cell serum.

The end result is flawless, filter free, radiant skin, restores natural and youthful glow.


Aftercare is very crucial to the success of any treatment. At Innova ,we work with you and formulate a thorough plan .We ensure that patients feel very well supported in their entire journey with us.  Your satisfaction and wellbeing is as important to us as the results themselves.

We offer the following:


Pre and post treatment advice sheets. This is thoroughly explained during consultation.


Before and after photos so that we can monitor your progress and are able to compare end results.


Follow up appointment after your full course of treatments to discuss results and have a look at before and after photos.



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